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The smaller PTO driven Air-Blast Mist Sprayer can be operated using a 15 HP tractor (12 HP at the PTO).

Standard Sprayer Features:

  • 3-year parts warranty
  • Poly tank with a 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Heavy duty welded steel tubular  frame with powder coat painting for durability and chemical resistance
  • The high-strength PTO sprayer has a dry weight of just under 350#
  • Operator shut-off valve with mounting brackets
  • In-line strainer
  • Pressure relief valve and pressure gage for accurate chemical regulation
  • Re-circulation system to keep chemicals completely mixed
  • Tank sizes available: 25, 55, 110, 150 gal.
  • High quality Hypro pumps - 4-roller, 6-roller, and centrifugal pump options
  • Fan sizes available: 12", 15"
  • Volute options: 2, 4, 5, 10 nozzle, vegetable, and "dual" volutes
  • Kohler gas powered engine - 9 & 20 HP available
  • Category I or II pins may be used all PTO driven models


Sprayer Options Available:

  • Electric valve kit (All of our sprayers come standard with a remote ball valve shut off.)
  • Handgun attachment
  • Hydraulic roll-over kit (change direction of chemical spray using a hydraulic cylinder)
  • Hose reel w/hand sprayer kit

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